Some old economist should write a book titled “My $0.03 on Inflation”.

GPT-4 sounds like a timezone

C Closures as a Library


Anybody else get these really weird dreams?

Apparently if you get cancer you could die

Bespoke capitalization of brand names like iPhone and YouTube is just another form of advertising. I don’t buy it. Why should we participate?

Ipod and Youtube.

Let me go on record and say the EU forcing Apple to adopt USB-C was a mistake. USB-C is a folly, particularly for mobile devices. The lightning plug was better.

The joys of e-mail:

  • Having to BCC: your alternate e-mail just to make sure it was sent properly
  • Having to text the recipient to ensure it didn’t get flagged as SPAM

If e-mail is the success story of federated protocols, we are well and truly fucked.

ESL speaker frustrations:

Googling for “easy word for nut gathering fluffy tail tree rats all children know this word”, result contains the word “squirrel”

Welcome to JavaScript.

NextJS telemetry alert from Little Snitch, the Firewall

I only just now realized that the “-dyne” in Sensodyne suggests dining. “Sensitive dining”.

Writing documentation without a section on “how to get started from scratch, step by step guide” is like programming without functions. Yes, you’re technically doing “the thing”, but it’s about as level ɑ as you can get.

Rob Watts published our guide to Writing good pull requests. It was written by us engineers at Wonderbly back in 2020.

Good times.

The secret to a shit sandwich is good bread.

Why does Postgres not natively support embedding, like SQLite? It has all the code to manage data files; can’t I just link it, instead of having to talk to it over a network?

Film recommendation: The Hours (2002).

I’m late to the party but Nicole Kidman is so good it makes the whole film worth it. Hot take, since she won an Oscar for it.

Maybe this person doesn’t know what a robots.txt is or how it works, and just assumed it was more like a firewall that autodetects the bot?

I got a spammy message via my contact page from “PostBy AI” trying to sell me on adding a chatbot to my site to answer customer questions, generate le…

Little known fact about American vs EU toilets: USA design means no skid-marks. EU toilets need a toilet brush after every use, USA ones only when deep cleaning.


Built an org-mode → microformats 2 publisher in Emacs Lisp:

Now I can write org notes and publish a feed.

One step closer to indieweb.

Programmers love picking non-descriptive names, not just in code.

  • Open Source: not actually for “open” source, no that’s Source Available.
  • Free Software: not actually for “free” software, no that’s “gratis”. Let’s have everyone speak Latin and specify “free as in beer” every time we use the word.

Very efficient.

Perfect is the enemy of good

It’s hot today

I published all of my Nix notes today.

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