Relocate Subversion Repository

I recently installed apache + moddavsvn to allow access to the subversion repository on 0brg through SSL. It turns out that changing an svn repository’s URL entails a few problems that you have to be aware of. I will discuss the ones I encountered.

In the examples I use, svn:// was the old location of the test project and is the new location.

Working copy

People who checked out the repos from its old URL can simply change that to the new one by typing:

svn switch \
    --relocate svn:// \ /path/to/local/checkout/root


When you have a backup repository on that you keep up to date with svnsync, you have to tell that backup the new location of your repository. Do this by changing the svn:sync-from-url property on revision 0 of the backup:

svn propset \
    svn:sync-from-url \
    --revprop -r 0 \ \


  1. Great tips!

    it’s a pitty I found this just after solving it mysel -_-

    DREAMER said on: Monday, September 21, 2009 17:02

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