Relocate Subversion Repository

I recently installed apache + moddavsvn to allow access to the subversion repository on 0brg through SSL. It turns out that changing an svn repository’s URL entails a few problems that you have to be aware of. I will discuss the ones I encountered.

In the examples I use, svn://0brg.net/test was the old location of the test project and https://0brg.net/svn/test is the new location.

Working copy

People who checked out the repos from its old URL can simply change that to the new one by typing:

svn switch \
    --relocate svn://0brg.net/test \
    https://0brg.net/svn/test /path/to/local/checkout/root


When you have a backup repository on https://svnbackup.example.com/svn/test that you keep up to date with svnsync, you have to tell that backup the new location of your repository. Do this by changing the svn:sync-from-url property on revision 0 of the backup:

svn propset \
    svn:sync-from-url \
    --revprop -r 0 \
    https://0brg.net/svn/test \


  1. Great tips!

    it’s a pitty I found this just after solving it mysel -_-

    DREAMER said on: Monday, September 21, 2009 17:02

Date: 2008-08-05

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