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Nix: my notes on using Nix. It’s a lot.

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Point-in-time blog posts that I don’t keep updated.

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Other people

  • Rob Watts, check out his website. He’s now the CTO at Wonderbly, after a Machiavellian power struggle.
  • Dennis Ogbe: this guy has next level attention to detail. Great resource. And apparently he works at NASA now? Congratulations Dennis.
  • Xah Lee ( of course gets huge props. Incredibly useful resource for newcomers to Emacs Lisp.
  • Daniel Gola makes beautiful art and paintings.
  • Doug Pagani writes (wrote) about statistics and data analysis.
  • Yogesh Khatri ( blogs about OS forensics and security. Varied and interesting stuff.
  • Paul Julius Martinez created, and his website looks good.
  • Andreas Fuchs’ dripfeed blog
  • Chris Wellons has many great articles, mostly on C

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Resumes of friends

  • Jesse Zwaan is a guy he codes things. He’s pretty good eh.
  • Josh McMillan is a competent tech consultant in the UK. Also my friend. Right, Josh? He just said he agrees.

NPR episodes

I used to listen to a lot of NPR. These were my highlight episodes:

Planet Money

People often write these off because they either don’t like NPR, or they don’t like things with Money in the name. If that’s you, give it a try.

This American Life

What they say about me

You look like you came out of seawater.

— Vagrant in Tompkins Square Park

I didn’t get his name, it was mostly a one sided conversation. More like an improvised monologue. Put it on a stage in Bushwick, charge people $15 and the NYT will say it’s groundbreaking.

You’re so good with lists.

— Masha Zhak

Reasons she’s wrong:

  1. She’s a woman

Why does nobody get your jokes, Hraban?

— Rob Watts

It’s awkward to put that quote here because this stuff isn’t funny but in real life I am pretty funny.

The boring stuff

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